Southern Route

Southern Omo Valley Tribes

This Program is a cultural and tribal tour for visiting the people in the Southern Omo Valley. This adventure takes you on a cultural high, exploring some of the most remote areas of Ethiopia where some of the most colorful and beautiful tribes of the world live. The Mursi, with their decorative lip plates, the Hammer in their amazing hair decorations, the Ari, the Bena and several other tribes are covered on this trip.

Day 1: Arrive in Addis Ababa

Up on arrival at Bole international airport and met by your representative and transfer to hotel. After check in to hotel you will have sightseeing of Addis, Which includes National Museum- the home of the famous complete hominid fossil remain of Lucy dates 3.2 million years back, Mount Entoto- panoramic view point at the highest peak in Addis with an altitude of 3200 meter above sea level, trinity cathedral- a beautiful church with a baroque style of European architecture unique to both Ethiopia and Africa, Ethnographic museum and Merkato The largest open air market in Africa). Overnight in Addis Ababa.

Day 2: Drive to Arbaminch

After breakfast, drive to Arbaminch via Tiya Stele site (one of the world heritage site registered by UNESCO) and Melka Kunture archeological site. Then keep driving to Arbaminch, Overnight in Arbaminch.

Day 3: Visit to Dorze village and Lake Chamo boat trip

Morning, drive to chencha village to visit the Dorze tribe who are well known for their traditional weaving and towering huts. Then, drive back to Arbaminch and in the afternoon boat ride on Lake Chamo to visit hippos and crocodiles at crocodile market on the lake. Overnight in Arbaminch

Day 4: Drive to Jinka through konso and key Afer

After breakfast drives to Jinka via Woyto and on the way visit the Ari (who keep large number of livestock and produce large number of honey), Bena (mainly depend on agriculture though their diet is supplemented by hunting) and Tsemay tribes. If it is Thursday visit the colorful Key Afer market. Then keep driving to Jinka. Overnight in Jinka

Day 5: Visit to Mursi Tribal and drive to Turmi

Morning, drive to the Mursi village through Mago national park to visit the Mursi tribe. The Mursi people are the Nilo Saharan language speaker and famous for their women putting lip plate, made of clay and up to 15cm in diameter, on their lower lip and men for their stick fighting (donga). After visit drive back to Jinka and afternoon drives to Turmi. Overnight in Turmi

Day 6: Excursion to Murulle Karo People

After breakfast drive to karicho to visit the Karo tribe. They paint their bodies and faces with white chalk to prepare for a ceremony. The chalk is mixed with yellow rock, red iron ore and charcoal to make its color. Face masks are worn at times and they have clay hair buns with feathers in them.). Overnight in Turmi.

Day 7: Drive to Arba Minch via Arbore Tribe

In the morning, drive from Turmi to Arbaminch and on the way visit the Erbore tribe, they have ancestral and cultural links to the Konso people and perform many ritual dances while singing The women of the tribe cover their heads with a black cloth and are known to wear very colorful necklaces and earrings. Young children will wear a shell type hat that protects their heads from the sun. Then Keep drive to Konso. After check in to Hotel, visit Konso tribe and Konso Landscape. The Konso people are the hard working people and well known for their specially land management, one of Africa's most fascinating cultures. The Konso landscape is one of the world heritage sites in Ethiopia registered by UNESCO. Overnight in Arbaminch

Day 8: Drive to Addis – Departure

In the morning drive back to Addis Ababa with many stops for bird watching. On the way, visit Lake Zuway, the Ethiopian Bird Spectacle, the great Pelicans are the main stars of this astonishing natural live show, which takes place at one of the freshwater Rift Valley lakes of Ethiopia. After visiting, keep drive to Addis. In the evening, farewell traditional dinner in one of the best restaurant in Addis followed by folkloric dance of different Ethiopian nations. Then transfer to airport to fly back to home, where your tour ends.

Omo Valley Cultural Route

The cultural tour for visiting the people in the Southern Omo Valley. This adventure takes you on a cultural high, exploring some of the most remote areas of Ethiopia where some of the most colorful and beautiful tribes of the world live. The Mursi, with their decorative lip plates, the Hammer in their amazing hair decorations, the Ari, the Bena and several other tribes are covered on this trip.

Day 1: Arrival in Addis Ababa

Depending on arrival in Addis Ababa your representatives will meet you at Bole International Airport. After transfer to your hotel an overview of the program will be given. The rest of the day visit historical sites in Addis Ababa including the National Archaeological Museum, where the 3,2 million year old skeletal remains of “Lucy” rest, which were discovered in 1974. Proceed to the Ethnological Museum at Addis Ababa University, the Holy Trinity Cathedral and Mount Entoto, which rises up to an altitude of 3200 meters and offers a panoramic view of the metropolis. Overnight your Hotel

Day 2: Drive to Arba Minch

About 500km from Addis drives 6-7 hours after breakfast drive to Arba Minch via Butajira En route visit Tiya Steele, one of the World Heritage site and Melka Kunture. Overnight Paradise Lodge

Day 3: Visit Doze Village and Boat trip on Lake Chamo

After breakfast visit the Dorze tribe and their village, famed for their bee hive shaped houses and their weaving skills. Weaving is a primary profession for many Dorze. They are also farmers, who prevent soil erosion by ingenious terracing of the mountainsides. Around their huts they have their own little garden with vegetables, spices, tobacco and inset (false-banana or musa inset). Afternoon boat trip on Lake Chamo. Boat trip on Lake Chamo is along the best anywhere in Ethiopia. One can spot many Hippos and the world\'s most spectacular concentrations of Giant Crocodiles. The water birds are great the scenery is truly unforgettable. Then after drive to Konso along impressive land terracing Overnight Kanta resort

Day 4: Konso, Mursi, Jinka about 156 km takes1-2 hours from Arba Minch

After breakfast leave Konso and drive to the Mursi village to visit and appreciate the very attractive culture of the Mursi tribe. They are renowned for the strange custom followed by their women who, on reaching maturity, have their lower lips slit and circular clay discs inserted. After this visit Mago National park, this is reach in natural habitats and different endemic birds and mammals. Then after drive back to Jinka. Overnight Jinka Resort.

Day 5: Jinka-Turmi – Murulle - Turmi about 225km and takes 3 hours

After breakfast drive to Turmi, is your base as you explore the different regions and to meet the different tribes who live a life of their own. This day you drive towards the Murulle area. Murille (also spelled Murille and Mursi) lies on the banks of the Omo River, and is a popular base for exploring what is essentially a rugged area. There is a fair amount of wildlife in the area, and a good chance of seeing some form of antelope and possibly raptors overhead. The two main tribes who live in the area are the Karo and the Hamer, both of whom practice scarification and have elaborate hairstyles. The Karo ethnic groups are experts in body painting, using clays and locally available vegetable pigments to trace fantastic patterns on their faces, chests, arms and legs. These designs have no special symbolic significance but are created purely for fun and aesthetic effect, each artist vying to outdo his fellows. Karo men also sculpt and shave their hair into extravagant shapes, with special ochre "caps" of hair usually containing several ostrich feathers. Overnight Buska Lodge.

Day 6: Turmi - Omorate - Turmi

Today you visit the Geleb tribes, crossing the Omo River by boat. The people of Geleb have their own distinctive dress and decoration and villages with interesting architecture. In the afternoon we drive back to Turmi and spend the night camping. The Geleb Covering a large territory, the Geleb live along the western banks of the Omo River, having been forced out of the Turkana region by conflict in the 18th century. Originally nomadic pastoralists, the more fertile surroundings of the Omo River has caused them to put down more permanent roots based around fishing and agriculture. The Geleb live in small huts that befit their nomadic origins, as they could be easily and quickly dismantled. Overnight Buska Lodge

Day 7: Drive to Arba Minch

Drive back to Arba Minch: on the way visit the Cushitic speaking Arbore people and their villages. The Arbore people adorn themselves with beads and aluminum jewelry. Overnight Paradise Lodge

Day 8: Drive back to Addis Ababa-Departure

Early morning drive back to Addis Ababa. Evening fare well dinner party in one of the traditional Ethiopian Restaurants. Then transfer to airport for departure. End of the tour.