About Ethiopia

About Ethiopia

Ethiopia, an ancient historical Eastern Africa country globally known by the origin of human ancestors. It is the birth place of coffee and home for diverse endemic faunas and floras.

Ethiopia is a source of the Blue Nile and the land of rich cultural and natural resources renowned by world heritages sites. It is also a country known by the Mosaics of people where more than eighty (80) nations, nationalities and peoples live peacefully for centuries. In their live this people had exercised their own way of life and traditions in which they contribute to the modern democracy system, which is the ‘’Gada system”. The “Gada system “is an indigenous African democratic way of rule widely exercised by Cushitic’s and actively used by the Oromo people. Most of country’s people follow the two globally accepted religions; Christianity and Muslim. Followers of both religion live peacefully in the country without any conflict, these makes the country also unique in terms of “religiosity”.

Ethiopia is also known by its famous world best athletes like Abeba Bikila, Mirutsh Yiftare, Mamoo Wolde, Kenenisa Beqele, Haile G/Hailesilesse, Mohammed Aman, Fatuma Roba, Dararatu Tulu and the Dibaba’s Family ( Turenesh and Genezeb).

Ethiopia follows the federal Democratic System of Administration where nine independent regional national states and two Administrate councils. (Addis Ababa and Dirre-Dawaa) exist.

The country has a long tradition and culture which is dating back too nearly three thousands (3,000) years. This was ratified by its ancient civilizations like Axum, the castle of Gonder and Lalibela.

Ethiopia has great varieties of landscapes ranging from great high mountains Peaks Like the Semien mountains locally known as Ras Dashen whose altitude reach to 4543 meters A.S.L, The Bale Mountains whose altitude is 4377 meters A.S.L and Danakil depression whose altitudes 116 meters below sea level.

Ethiopia is second most populous country in Africa next to Nigeria in habiting a population of more than Hundred million (100,000,000). Most of its population lives in the rural areas exercising subsistence farming .The country economy is dominantly agrarian in which the main occupation of its people is Farming.

By its geographically location and the seats of the Africa union, united nation economic commission and its warm hospitable people and owner of best African Airlines. Ethiopia is one the best tourist destination in Africa.

There are two main seasons in the country; the Rainy and Dry season. Mostly the rainy season run from late may through end of October. The Dry Season of the country goes through December to April.

The local currency is known as “Ethiopian Birr” (ETB), made up of 100 cents. Credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Access, American Express and Diners Club are not widely accepted except in a few Institutions in the cities. Cash and travelers cheques are recommended.

Ethiopia uses 220 Volts 50 cycles AC. Sockets are with 2 holes. A universal two – prong adapter is recommended.

Telephone, fax, internet and postal facilities are available in most big towns. The country code for Ethiopia is +251.

There are varieties of hotel available in the country ranging from luxury, five star hotels to mid-range hotels offering accommodations.